Why Do Changing Seasons Mess With My AC and Heat Bills? Superior Air Duct Cleaning Answers

There is a lot to enjoy during seasonal changes, like the leaves changing colors in the fall or the flowers blooming during spring. As beautiful and essential as the seasons are, sometimes our HVAC unit and bills take a significant hit when we need to crank the air conditioner in the summer or turn up the heat in the winter. 


Even if you do not frequently utilize the air condition, your energy bill is surprising at the end of the month, or does your HVAC unit malfunction more often than usual? In today’s blog by Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we discuss the reasons why high energy bills or HVAC issues arise during seasonal changes.


Running Heat In The Winter 


Heating your home during the winter places a heavy burden on your energy bill at the end of the month. Because air conditioning is typically used for the summer months to transfer heat from a hot to a cold environment, HVAC units are ideal for areas with a hot climate. Freezing temperatures can also damage the unit attempting to heat the room. When the team runs, water may drip from the cooling coils, be mindful during the winter of frozen coils functioning at half capacity. 


Some units offer low-energy heat settings during the winter; check your manufacturer for the best ways to use the team without burning a hole in your wallet. Another reason the seasons are tampering with your bills is a clogged air duct blocking airflow. 


Pet dander, dust, and grime all contribute to blockage, preventing heat or cool air from escaping. If you are a homeowner and cannot remember the last time you had an air duct cleaning, contact the Superior Air Duct Cleaning team to service your home and decrease your costs. 


Inspect your HVAC Unit and Air Ducts 


If your energy bills are running high, whether it is winter or summer, determine if your unit needs an update. Most modern units come packaged with settings to run during the winter but still require maintenance and thorough inspection. Turning on the heat during the winter may cause an environmental change that promotes mold and mildew if the unit runs too long. 


Superior Air Duct Cleaning provides deep sanitizing and deodorizing treatments to eliminate and prevent contaminants like mold and mildew for a fully functional air conditioning unit. Inspect your air ducts every 3 to 5 years and maintain dust in your home by vacuuming pet hair often or wiping down counters and dusty surfaces daily. 


Save Time and Energy With Superior Air Duct Cleaning 

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