The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning in Restaurants

While air duct cleaning is important for offices and residences, it’s especially vital in restaurants.

In today’s blog, the team at Superior Air Duct Cleaning addresses the significance of cleaning restaurant air ducts.

Food Contamination

Common dwellers in dirty duct systems include mold, pollen, and dust. When people breathe in the dusty air particles, they could suffer side effects like itchy eyes and irritated lungs. Also, if ductwork in the restaurant is not cleaned, bacteria such as e.coli and salmonella may be spread from food to ducts and back again. This bacteria can cause serious health problems, in addition to mold and food spoilage.   

Better Air Quality

It’s important for a restaurant to not only appear clean but also smell clean. Dirty ducts result in poor air quality, which can lead to congestion, allergies, and unpleasant odors. You don’t want cooks or chefs sneezing or wiping their noses around prepared meals. If you experience a constant, distinct stench in your kitchen, it may be time to schedule a professional air duct cleaning.

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The Health of Your Staff

Both customers and employees may be affected by poor air quality. It can be inconvenient when one staff member has to cover for the regularly scheduled worker because he or she is out sick. Having clean air ducts creates a fresh, friendly place for people to gather and boosts the overall health of your employees.    

Added Costs

Between repairs and required maintenance, a dirty air duct system can be costly. As the dirt quantity rises, more money must be spent to keep your system running. Clogged vents and ducts can also make it harder for air to reach all your rooms — which uses up more electricity and could increase cleaning costs, labor costs, and repair costs.  

Busy Schedule

From daily kitchen prep to cooking to maintaining a clean service area, restaurant managers oversee many operations and employees. Restaurant management likely doesn’t have the time or resources to clean the ducts themselves. If you’re a restaurant owner, we recommend having your air ducts professionally cleaned anywhere from once a year to every quarter. Allow Superior Air Duct Cleaning to ease your business workload by handling your air ducts.  

Air Duct Cleaning For Your Business

At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, our fleet of powerful vacuum trucks are ready to take on your commercial air ducts. Our pros will assess your exhaust and ventilation systems, ensuring they operate at maximum cleanliness and efficiency. Contact us in western PA or eastern OH today to schedule an appointment for an inspection and free quote.