How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Close-up photo of dirty air vent

When maintaining a comfortable home, the spotlight often falls on the more visible aspects – clean floors, fresh paint, and organized spaces. However, a home’s air ducts are often a critical but overlooked part of regular home maintenance.  Clean air ducts ensure clean, breathable air circulation throughout your living spaces. Superior Air Duct Cleaning in […]

Superior Air Duct Cleaning Explains Pet Dander

Cat Causing Dander

Everyone loves their pets, but not everyone loves the pet dander and odors that can accompany them.  Our furry friends can affect the indoor air quality of our homes, leading to lingering smells and worsening allergies.  What Is Pet Dander? Pet dander refers to the tiny flecks of skin shed by cats, dogs, or any […]

Superior Air Duct Covers the Top Air Duct Cleaning Scams to Avoid

technician examining air ducts

Very few people understand air duct cleaning procedures, making running into a scam very easy. Scams are common in industries like HVAC and air duct cleaning. At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we want to prevent homeowners like you from being taken advantage of and overcharged for simple duct maintenance or poorly performed jobs. Today’s blog […]

What Causes Humidity in Air Ducts?

window covered in condensation

  Humidity happens when too much moisture is in the air. Everyday activities like cooking, showering, or using household appliances creates moisture build-up. Whenever you turn on the washing machine or take a hot shower, you may notice the air feels warmer.  The more water vapor in the air, the more humid it will feel. […]

Air Duct Cleaning During Cold and Flu Season

Family of four blowing noses into tissues

Cold and flu season can make breathing harder. That’s why indoor air quality is so important. Air duct cleaning can improve your indoor air quality, which, in turn, can make dealing with lung infections easier. Today’s blog from Superior Air Duct Cleaning explains why you should have your air ducts cleaned during cold and flu […]

How Our Technicians Accomplish Air Duct Sanitizing

Superior Air Duct Sanitizing Air Ducts

The most impressive aspect of our residential and commercial air duct cleaning is the giant vacuum cleaner on the back of our truck. Air pressure generated by our truck comes from the most powerful vacuum motor in the region. Equally important is the air duct sanitizing that happens after we vacuum all the crud out. […]

Pests That Can Get Into Your Ductwork

Small mouse crawls out of metal construction

Rodents and insects are unpleasant to think about, especially if they get inside the home. But when homeowners disregard proper maintenance or have older HVAC systems, pests can sometimes raid parts of the system. If they get trapped, some pests are large enough to cause damage to your HVAC system, and the smaller ones still […]

Signs That Your Ducts May Be Leaking Air

View of the ductworks connection wrapped with tape

Your home’s HVAC system has many parts, including vents, an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a system of ductwork. If you notice that your heating and cooling system is not working correctly, leaks in your air ducts could be causing the problem. But how do you know if there are leaks in your ductwork? […]

Superior Air Duct and Preparing for Air Duct Cleaning

Technician With Tools

Site preparation is an important element of every successful duct cleaning service. Before the job begins, there are things that you can review and evaluate to help ensure the service goes as smoothly as possible. Superior Air Duct Cleaning Service is a comprehensive air duct cleaning service for residential homes. In today’s blog, the pros […]

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