Is Mold Always Visible?

Mold is a common household nuisance that can cause health issues and damage property if left unchecked. While visible mold colonies are a clear sign of infestation, mold can also grow in hidden spaces, making it challenging for homeowners to identify its presence.  In this blog, we will explore whether mold is always visible and […]

What Does an Air Duct Inspection Include?

Inspection of a residential home for mold

We tend to spend more time indoors as it gets hotter and hotter out. When relying on our air conditioners in the summer, we need to pay special attention to indoor air quality.  Regular inspections and cleanings can keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level.  What’s Included in an Air Duct Inspection?   Before […]

Superior Air Duct Explains: What Causes Damaged Ductwork?

Damaged air duct bit by a rat

This time of year can be difficult for homeowners who are experiencing HVAC problems. Cold winter temperatures will quickly expose a damaged HVAC system. Your system depends on a network of air ducts to transport heated air to different rooms in your home. If your air ducts are damaged, they can cause poor air quality, […]

Superior Air Duct Cleaning Looks at the Dangers of Dirty Air Ducts

A Dirty Air Duct

Most of us make an effort to keep our homes clean. We vacuum and dust. We clean our bathrooms and try to keep our kitchens germ free. We even undertake large spring cleaning projects that send us looking under furniture and behind appliances. We clean these and other areas because we can see them, and […]

Preventing Allergy Problems with a Duct Cleaning Service

Man frustrated by allergies

How Duct Cleaning Service Helps with Allergies Picture this: you’re dusting your furniture and all the airborne dust you’ve brushed up flies back at you. If you have allergies, this often will result in a sneezing fit. This same situation can happen throughout your home if you haven’t hired a duct cleaning service in a […]

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