Suffering From Spring Allergies? Air Duct Cleaning Can Help

Every spring, like clockwork, the symptoms begin. Sneezing, congestion, and itchy, watery eyes suddenly come upon you. You’re miserable—first action: medication. 

Now look beyond the pill bottle and think bigger. The air duct system in your home could be one of the major culprits causing you discomfort. In today’s blog from Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we will explain why air ducts can cause allergy symptoms and how to alleviate them.

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What’s in Your Air Ducts 

You may be asking yourself: What do my air ducts have to do with my allergies? The answer: A lot. 

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, the air duct system is the lungs. Just like breathing in smoke, smog, and toxins into your body, your vents take anything into the home and keep them in the ducts for years. 

Here are few things often found in ducts: 

Dust, dirt, and mold spores. We can keep a tidy home, but every time we re-enter the house, we bring dust and dirt with us. These microscopic particles float through the air and into our ducts, piling up. Mold spores from outdoor allergy-causing vegetation can do the same. Every time the heat or air kicks on, pollens are released back down into your living space. Without knowing it, you breathe them in, triggering an allergy attack even when you’re not outside.

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Dead skin cells and hair. Humans and animals shed skin and hair. You can sweep and vacuum them up, but there is still a fair amount that finds their way into air ducts. These combine with the dust, dirt, and mold spores to create a blanket of unhealthy clumps.  

Insects. Many insects like dust mites and cockroaches find a meal of dust or dead skin comparable to a steak dinner. They can live for years in your ducts, excreting waste and sloughing skin. These can blow down into your home, making you and your family sick. 

Viruses. We are more alert about viruses than ever before. We can bring in the common cold, flu, and COVID-19 virus into our home without knowing it. We can emit them through sneezing or coughing, launching them into the air ducts. Like the other contents, these viruses can blow down onto our family when the furnace or A/C turns on, spreading the risk of infection. 

Defending Against the Contents  

One of the best ways to rid your home of these contaminants while reducing your spring allergy symptoms is by cleaning your air ducts. You might also need HEPA filters and maybe even air purifiers.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning will first take a camera into your air ducts and record the amount of debris inside. Then we’ll begin cleaning. Expect an average of two to three hours for thorough cleaning. However, depending upon you home’s size, that could run higher. We’ll then take a camera into the ducts to show the results and provide you with a before and after comparison. 

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When to Clean

If you’re unsure if you think your air ducts should be clean, there are some simple rules: 

  1. If your home is more than ten years old, and the ducts have never been cleaned.
  2. Your air filters are clogged and especially dirty in 30 days or less. 
  3. You can visually see clumps of dust and dirt in your floor grates or ceiling vents. 

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Contact the Experts at Superior Air Duct Cleaning

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