Insulation Removal Service

Insulation removal may seem like a project that you can do yourself, but removing insulation can actually be a fairly dangerous undertaking. It’s best to contact a professional to get the job done safely, effectively, and efficiently. Superior Air Duct Cleaning uses the best technology to ensure your attic is completely cleared of blown in cellulose insulation.

What Insulation Removal Entails

Our professionals will arrive at your scheduled appointment time and begin the removal process. Our high powered vacuum will ensure that all of the insulation is sucked straight from the attic into our truck. Using this method, no insulation will escape and get into your house. The insulation is contained in a bag for transporting safely off site. Keep in mind, dealing with insulation can be dangerous. The materials that are kicked up into the air when removing them can be hazardous to breathe, especially with older insulation. This is another reason you want a professional insulation removal service. We take all the necessary safety precautions to ensure the safety of you, our staff, and your home.

Do I Need Insulation Removal?

Man performs insulation removal

If you have older insulation or bad insulation, you’re in need of insulation removal services. Old insulation can reduce air quality and attract pests. Rats and squirrels may use old insulation as a nesting place. The dangers and health hazards of old insulation make getting an insulation removal service a necessity.

Another reason that you would consider insulation removal services is if you’re planning on putting in new insulation. When homeowners decide to upgrade to spray foam insulation, they have to get the old insulation removed first. Leaving the old insulation in the attic can interfere with the spray foam’s ability to do its job. You also want to make sure you hire someone who will completely rid your attic of all insulation. You can trust Superior Air Duct Cleaning to do a thorough job.

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