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Here at Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we want our clients to be informed. We’ve compiled helpful resources so those who are interested can learn more about our process and our different services. Of course, if you have any more questions you can just give us a call.

How to Sanitize Ductwork

Air Duct Sanitizing: DIY Steps to Sanitize Ductwork

Ductwork runs throughout your entire home and is a primary part of your HVAC system. When the air ducts aren’t cleaned and sanitized, germs may spread throughout the air, causing problems. Although you probably have many chores on your to-do list, there are some homeowners who don’t mind a little extra cleaning. For dedicated, DIY enthusiasts, here are the necessary steps to take for sanitizing your ductwork, as well the benefits of residential air duct sanitizing. Today’s blog is brought to you by the experts at Superior Air Duct Cleaning.

Protect Yourself

First, to avoid inhaling dust or debris, put on a mask and safety goggles. Your eyes will also be protected from flying particles as you clean.

Clean With a Vacuum

To clean the ducts, vacuum all the dust, dirt, and other particles. Because it’s a cool, dark area, mold and bacteria can grow in your ductwork. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean the ducts as thoroughly as possible.  

Close All Vents But One

Go to each room and close all vents except one. You may need to cover the other vents with cardboard. If all vents are left open, ozone will leak back out the ducts and mold will be completed removed.

Run the Hose

Attach a hose to the ozone generator. Then run the hose into the open vent. If your AC is on, it’s best to turn it off, since ozone does do well in cold temperatures. When you turn on the ozone generator, it will spray ozone into the duct through the hose. You may need to run this generator for a couple of days, repeatedly, to fully wipe out all the mold from the ducts. While ozone generators are great air purifiers, they should be used carefully.

Clean Up

Clean up the dirt and dust that scattered during the vacuum process. It’s important to keep your mask on when vacuuming and sweeping because the particles may still contain mold.

If sanitizing your ducts sounds like too much work, the pros at Superior Air Duct Cleaning are here to help you.

Benefits of Residential Air Duct Sanitizing

Whether you completed the steps on your own or you called a pro at Superior Air Duct Cleaning, here’s how sanitizing your ductwork can improve your home’s air quality.

  • Excludes bacterial odors
  • Reduces moldy smells
  • Removes lingering scents in the house


If you’ve painted walls in your home, experiment with food recipes, or you own a pet, you know that certain smells can stick around for a while. Air duct sanitation helps eliminate any rotten, distasteful smells at home, along with chemical fumes and other odors.

Call Superior Air Duct Cleaning Today

Why settle for mediocrity when you can have superior service? At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we go above and beyond to take care of our customers. After thoroughly cleaning your air ducts, we offer a sanitizing and deodorizing service to make sure your system stays clear. Call our professionals today at 1-800-803-3828 to learn more about our air duct sanitizing service.

The Importance of Dryer Duct Cleaning for Businesses

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Why Businesses Need It

While clothes dryers are often associated with being used at home, there are many businesses who use dryers every day, from veterinary clinics and hotels to spas and fitness centers. If you are a business owner or an employee at one of these places, you understand the importance of an adequate laundry system to keep the business running smoothly. In today’s blog, the professionals at Superior Air Duct Cleaning list and explain the benefits of commercial dryer vent cleaning.   

Prevents Fires

Dryer lint is very flammable. Each year, clothes dryers are to blame for thousands of structure fires around the U.S. More than half of those fires start with clogged dryer vents. Don’t let your company’s dryer become a fire hazard because it’s not cleaned regularly.

Keep Energy Costs Down

When the lint screen gets cleaned with every cycle, you can save up to 30 percent in energy costs. Forgetting to clean your vent annually will eventually force your dryer to work harder and longer, causing energy costs to rise. The money that you save here can be better spent on company necessities, like new fitness equipment or elegant massage treatment tables.

Increase Your Dryer’s Lifespan

Clogged dryer vents make your dryer work twice as hard to dry clothes. This extra work causes overuse and weathering of your machine. Increase your dryer’s lifespan with regular vent cleaning from our pros.  

Operate the Business Efficiently

Whether it’s towels, blankets, or clothes, your crew relies on the dryer to get chores done. Without proper dryer vent cleaning, business operations can suffer. For example, if the laundry is not dry in a veterinary care center, you could get backed up on daily responsibilities. Keeping your dryer vent clean will allow you to spend more time on budgeting, providing excellent customer service, and growing the business, rather than worrying about damp laundry.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning Can Help

Does your business have a clothes dryer? Has it been over a year since your last dryer vent cleaning? If you don’t have a dedicated staff member to perform routine dryer maintenance, let Superior Air Duct Cleaning handle your dryer vent cleaning. Our intensive, detail-oriented cleaning will increase company safety and yield inner peace. Fill out this form for a free quote or call us directly at 1-800-803-3828.  

How to Start a Duct Cleaning Business

Follow This Plan to Start Your Own Duct Cleaning Business

If you’re interested in starting your own duct cleaning business, now is a good time to do so. Due to a recent increase in residential and commercial building construction, the duct cleaning industry is projected to grow by 15 percent during the next eight years. The concept of starting a business might seem a little intimidating, but with proper training and the right equipment you can start a high-quality air duct cleaning company. Read today’s blog for a step by step business plan from Superior Air Duct Cleaning.

Step 1: Get Trained and Certified

The first step to starting your duct cleaning business is to get trained and certified. Superior Air Duct Cleaning is a NADCA certified company and we’re proud to offer a full duct cleaning training course, which includes classroom and hands-on experience. From technical cleaning aspects to teaching you how to promote your business, we’ll provide you with everything you need. Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive your certification.

Step 2: Purchase Equipment

The next step is to obtain the necessary equipment to perform the finest duct cleaning services. In order to properly inspect and clean the ducts, you’ll need a powerful vacuum. You can search for truck-mounted vacuum systems or portable models that include cameras to check for mold.

Another option is to acquire hand tools for less money and add to your business inventory when your company grows. If you have any questions about the right tools for air duct cleaning, get in touch with us.

Step 3: Register for Taxes and Open a Bank Account

Before you can officially open for business, ensure that your business is legally compliant. You’ll need to register your business for a variety of state and federal taxes. It’s also a good idea to open a business checking account to organize your finances. Once you get the ball rolling, record your expenses and income, and keep detailed accounts to monitor your business performance.  

Step 4: Get Business Insurance

We recommend insurance for all business owners. Assuming that you’ll hire employees, workers’ compensation insurance coverage is a mandatory requirement in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Step 5: Create Partnerships to Grow Your Business

Advertising your company is important, but references from previous clients and industry professionals will take your business to the next level. Before real estate agents can sell houses, they need you to inspect and clean the ducts. You can build a solid reputation among residential and commercial agents and property managers to gain community support.  

Step 6: Establish a Web Presence

In today’s digital world, creating a business website is the most effective way to reach your target market. By establishing a web presence, you give customers the chance to learn more about you and your company, as well as discover the products and services you offer. You can also use various social media platforms to engage new customers.

Contact Superior Air Duct Cleaning Today

If you want to know more about how to start a duct cleaning business, reach out to our team for expertise and advice. Superior Air Duct Cleaning is a trusted industry expert and we’ll make sure you’re ready to get started in air duct cleaning. Call 1-800-803-3828 or contact us online today to sign up for our duct cleaning course. We’re excited to teach you.  

4 Signs That You Need a New Dryer

Dryer Duct Cleaning: Here’s How to Know You Need a New Dryer

Some people buy brand new appliances every year, while others hold onto appliances for decades until they finally break down. You may use your washer and dryer a few times a week or several times a day, depending on the size of your family. Without an efficient dryer, everyday household chores can become a major hassle.

Although you can check the power, heating wire, thermal fuse, and blower wheel to fix minor problems, certain signs indicate that it’s time to replace your old dryer with a new model. Today on the blog, Superior Air Duct Cleaning explains four signs that you need a new dryer.

Your Clothes Aren’t Drying Properly

Do you feel wet or damp areas when you remove your clothes from the dryer? Your dryer could just be clogged up. Before you call a serviceman or purchase a new machine, clear all the lint screens and locate the vent outside your home. You should feel a strong airflow coming through the vent while the dryer is in use. Also, look for any bends in the air duct behind your dryer that could be blocking the air from escaping.

If you need to complete several cycles to properly dry a single load, your dryer has seen better days. If you check all the venting issues described above and you still have issues, it may be time to replace your dryer.

Excessive Noise

Do you often hear a lot of noise, such as rattling, banging, or high-pitched squealing? When your dryer makes unusual sounds, it’s likely in urgent need of repair or replacement. In many cases, this can happen because of a defective blower wheel — the blades may become bent over time. You can replace the wheel, then test the dryer to see if it’s still noisy. If the noise lingers when you run it, invest in a new dryer.  

It’s Too Old

Clothes dryers typically last for about 10 to 13 years. If your dryer has been around for nearly a decade, you will likely be searching for a replacement soon. Ancient dryers should get the boot, as older machines can actually cost you more money. Newer, certified models use less energy, helping you save on costs. No matter how great your dryer may be, all appliances wear down eventually.

You See Exposed Wiring

If the preceding issues haven’t convinced you to replace your dryer, a wiring issue certainly should. Unplug your dryer and take off the back panel. When examining the wiring inside, do you see any cracked or peeling plastic coating? Do you notice exposed wiring, or detect a smoke odor? If so, it’s time to take action. An exposed wire could lead to a house fire. You can get a repairman to rewire your whole dryer, but it’s probably easier to just buy a new one.

Schedule Your Dryer Duct Cleaning Service

If you notice that your dryer is taking longer than normal to dry clothes, you may need dryer duct cleaning. At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we provide outstanding customer service, and we pay close attention to detail during our thorough cleaning. You can rest easy knowing your dryer ducts are safe and clean. To schedule your dryer duct cleaning service, contact us online today.

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