Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning for offices, hospitals, and industrial or manufacturing facilities.

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Using the best-in-class equipment and trained, certified, and background-checked technicians, we provide the highest quality duct cleaning services near you.

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  • Competitive Pricing & Better Results
  • NADCA-Certified & Decades of Experience

Better Air Quality

Give your occupants the gift of healthier indoor air quality. Superior Air Duct offers comprehensive and rigorous vacuum cleanings for all types of commercial duct systems.

We’ll get those hard-to-reach areas in your commercial property, lay down protective equipment at our work area, and eliminate harmful allergens, bacteria, fungi, and microbes lingering in your air ducts.

Save Energy
Cut Costs
Improve Health

Dirty air ducts impair your HVAC’s performance, driving up energy bills while eating into your business’s profit margins. Professional duct cleaning is a worthwhile long-term investment that saves you money while improving your lungs’ health.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Our team promises to:

Allergies? Pollen? Sneezing and coughing? Give your employees and customers a better experience inside your business with clean, fresh-smelling air ducts.

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Don’t Fall for Scams!

“$99 low-cost deal!” Too good to be true? — It probably is. Scams are too common in the air duct cleaning industry. Whether it’s the “bait and switch”, “blow-n-go”, or “mold-inspection” scam, we don’t want you to fall for it.

Find Trusted Service

Cheap prices aren’t worth bad workmanship or risking damaged ducts. Hire a reputable, NADCA-certified company for accurate cleanings. Always make sure to check the NADCA website when a company claims to be certified.

Commercial Duct Cleaning FAQs

Possibly, but we can work around your schedule.

They should be inspected annually and cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

That depends on the number of systems and the size of the building.

Breathing fresh air is important. And, unlike your home, a business can have hundreds, if not thousands of daily visitors. Clean ductwork is an important part of operating your business.

Cleaning is completed to the NADCA standard, using a vacuum, agitation, and air pressure.

Yes. Cleaner ducts can improve IAQ and reduce the chance of illness or missed work.

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