4 Dangerous Warning Signs Your Dryer Vent is Clogged

dryer lint and dust hanging outside surface of vent

Most people never give it a second thought. You don’t need it until you really need it. What is it? Dryer vent cleaning.  If the airflow is restricted due to a clogged vent, poisonous exhaust gasses can back up into your home.  And then there’s the issue of lint, a highly flammable substance.  34% of […]

Superior Air Duct Covers the Top Air Duct Cleaning Scams to Avoid

technician examining air ducts

Very few people understand air duct cleaning procedures, making running into a scam very easy. Scams are common in industries like HVAC and air duct cleaning. At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we want to prevent homeowners like you from being taken advantage of and overcharged for simple duct maintenance or poorly performed jobs. Today’s blog […]

What Causes Humidity in Air Ducts?

window covered in condensation

  Humidity happens when too much moisture is in the air. Everyday activities like cooking, showering, or using household appliances creates moisture build-up. Whenever you turn on the washing machine or take a hot shower, you may notice the air feels warmer.  The more water vapor in the air, the more humid it will feel. […]

The Process To Obtaining An Air Duct Cleaning License

Masked air duct technician cleaning vent system

Have you ever thought about where the air comes from in your home? Clean, crisp, breathable air is a luxury that modern society often forgets about. Companies like Superior Air Duct Cleaning are so good at performing household maintenance people don’t even realize we’re a necessary service. This is why we work as a company […]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Duct Cleaning Company

As a homeowner, you want your air ducts to be free of dust and debris. Regular air duct cleaning improves your HVAC system’s efficiency, allowing clean air to flow throughout your home. But first you need to find trained, qualified professionals to get the job done. Today, the pros at Superior Air Duct Cleaning identify […]

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