Is Sanitizing Air Ducts Worth the Money?

sanitization spray in the middle of air with a ladk backdrop

The benefits of air duct cleaning are apparent: better energy efficiency and cleaner air. But what about air duct sanitization? Is it worth having?  Superior Air Duct, serving Pittsburgh, PA., and Youngstown, OH, explains whether or not sanitizing ductwork is worth the money.  Deciding Factors for Sanitization Services Sanitization is perfect for homeowners who have:  […]

4 Dangerous Warning Signs Your Dryer Vent is Clogged

dryer lint and dust hanging outside surface of vent

Most people never give it a second thought. You don’t need it until you really need it. What is it? Dryer vent cleaning.  If the airflow is restricted due to a clogged vent, poisonous exhaust gasses can back up into your home.  And then there’s the issue of lint, a highly flammable substance.  34% of […]

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Mold Free

woman wearing yellow gloves cleaning mold off wall with sponge

Whether it’s in the nooks and crannies of your home, leaky window sills, walls, carpet, or air duct vents, bacterial mold can spread to any natural surface if you allow it.  Mold growth in your home isn’t just inconvenient or bad for indoor air quality; it can be dangerous to your health. You’ll need to […]

How Whole Home Sanitization Staves Off Fall Allergies

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If you’re struggling with fall allergies, you’re not alone. Indoor air quality can be impaired by clogged ductwork or unclean surfaces throughout the home. That’s where whole-home sanitization comes in handy. It actively reduces your chances of experiencing pesky seasonal allergies.  In today’s post, Superior Air Duct explains how deep cleaning services work to deter […]

5 Must-Know Facts Before Buying Air Duct Cleaning Services

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Unsure whether you should get your air ducts cleaned?  Superior Air Duct, who services Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Youngstown, Ohio, gives you five facts you need to know before buying air duct cleaning services.  1. Most Cheap Air Duct Cleaning Offers Are Scams You heard right. If it’s cheap, you won’t get much out of […]

Air Duct Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation or Construction

drilling into foundation of home during renovation

Home renovations are pretty much a giant dust bomb waiting to go off in your air duct system. Luckily, there are ways that you can prepare for the worst, like covering your vents and registers. But what if it’s too late and the ducts are filled with construction debris? Hindsight is 20/20! You’ll need to […]

DIY Guide to Attic Insulation Removal: Tips and Tricks

duct cleaning technician using vacuum to suction loose insulation

Attics aren’t the most comfortable or easiest spaces to crawl through. But when you need your old, contaminated attic insulation removed, you’ve got very little choice in the matter. You need to take out your ductwork insulation and replace it.    Superior Air Duct in New Brighton, PA., is here to help. Here are some […]

How Long Will a Dryer Last?

dryer filter with lint on it

Among the many appliances we use around the house, one of the most frequently used is the dryer. How long do dryers last, and what can be done to make sure they run well for years on end?  In today’s post, Superior Air Duct Cleaning gives you answers.  How Long Does a Dryer Last?  A […]

Natural Home Deodorizing Tips to Kill Bad Odors

small air humidifier in living room

Many things contribute to household odors like pets, trash, mold, dirt, etc. Before breaking out products with harmful chemicals, try these natural remedies to eliminate household odors and keep your home smelling clean. Superior Air Duct Cleaning covers natural home deodorizing tips for a fresher feel.  Apple Cider Vinegar  Apple cider vinegar is a natural […]