About Superior Air Duct Cleaning

Superior Air Duct Cleaning, headquartered in New Brighton, PA, with a satellite office in Boardman, OH is widely respected as an industry leader in air duct cleaning. Owned and operated by John Dean, our company serves Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio areas including Pittsburgh, Beaver, New Castle, Mercer, Butler, Greensburg, Washington, Youngstown, Warren, and Columbiana.

Our Mission

Dirty air ducts can cause a whole host of health issues. This includes allergies, asthma, and some other respiratory problems. Even if the dirty air ducts aren’t causing these issues, they can aggravate the condition. Dirty air ducts can build up mold, fungi, and bacteria which are released into your air through your duct system. Superior Air Duct Cleaning makes it our mission to rid our clients of these pollutants. Improving the health and air quality of our clients is why we’re in business. By educating customers and colleagues, we are able to create more healthy houses than ever.

Superior Air Truck

Our Qualifications

You may be asking what makes Superior Air Duct Cleaning the most qualified to clean out your home or commercial air system. In addition to employing highly experienced service professionals, we are also certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Superior Air Duct Cleaning has obtained both NADCA certifications so our customers know they’re getting the best service possible.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning also has the best technology available. Unlike other companies, we use a state-of-the-art high-powered vacuum truck that carries a 195hp motor, the largest vacuum within a 300-mile radius. This provides intense cleaning of your air ducts, to remove the most allergens possible and provide you the best air quality. Superior Air Duct Cleaning also provides before and after photos, so you can rest assured that our job has been completed thoroughly and successfully.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning truck in front of residence with sun in background

Trust Superior Air Duct Cleaning

Superior Air Duct Cleaning goes above and beyond to give our customers great service. We’re known for our customer satisfaction and our comprehensive service. In addition to residential and commercial air duct cleaning, we also furnace cleaning, air duct sanitizing, dryer vent cleaning, and insulation removal.  Our commitment to the health and happiness of our clients puts us a step above the rest. Experience our superior service, contact us for a free quote and inspection. Remember, we get the dirt the other guys won’t because we have the trucks the other guys don’t!

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Superior Air Duct Cleaning is your insulation removal and air system cleaning professional. We specialize in exceptional customer service and doing the best work in the business. You can rest assured that we perform all of our services with the highest standards. Contact us today for a quote on your service.